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Unfinished business: Torana SL/R 5000 replica


Carmine Vescio missed his old SL/R 5000 so much; he decided to build a replacement tribute car. Carmine had sold his SL/R 5000 a decade ago and the regret never faded away. Thousands of dollars, several bumps along the road, 360 horses and a beautiful blue Torana later... Carmine is still not done yet! [More]

Ivan and Suzenna Lynch’s 1972 Holden HQ SS


Is Suzenna the wife of the decade? The story of this gorgeous and clean 1972 Holden HQ SS all starts when Suzenna decided to buy Ivan a present. Remembering that an old friend of Ivan's had this rusted and dying HQ SS in the backyard; Suzenna went to them with an offer and surprised Ivan with his new project car! After 7 years and breaks to save some more money, the car was finally finished. Ivan has tried to keep most of the car original by rebuilding and replating with only some nuts and bolts being new. [More]

Release the hounds: Elite-level family heirloom XF Falcon


Mick Matthews fell in love with his pop's Falcon from the moment he tagged along with him to buy the brand-new Monza Red XF S-Pack. At the very young age of five, Mick developed a decades-long connection with the Falcon. Even after Bill, Mick's grandfather, would always says the car is too powerful for Mick. Despite this, knowing how much Mick loved the car; Bill passed on and left the XF for Mick. A re-spray and new wheels turned into a full rebuild that got the clean XF into the Summernats Elite Hall! [More]

Fighting Tribute: CY GT-HO Phase III replica


Neil Wrigley has owned his fair share of GT Falcons, Phase I and IIIs, XR GTs and the like. After selling some cars to fund his panel beating business and starting a successful business; Neil got the hunger to have another gorgeous Australian muscle car again. Neil could buy a genuine GT-HO but he couldn't justify the $1 million price-tag on them. A car that can be driven and parked anywhere without worrying too much is what he wanted; so instead, he built a tribute. [More]

Pete Dout’s supercharged ’66 Shelby GT350 tribute


Melbourne's Pete's Garage is renowned by enthusiasts for being one of Australia's leading practitioners and custodians of the Mustang performance tradition and heritage. The owner of Pete's Garage, Pete Dout, loved Mustangs from the moment he saw a 1967 fastback when he was just 18 years old. Pete's red GT350 was an ex-Variety Bash car which meant it had the fundamentals to become a beautiful tribute, but it was covered in pockets of rust! Pete had one goal; to make it look as authentic as possible, and he did just that. [More]

Roxy Marshall's HR Holden panel van


Roxy Marshall has been in the automotive industry since just 15-years-old, so to say that she can clean up a car is an understatement! Roxy always loved Sandmans but because she couldn't afford one... she decided to get the next best thing - a HR van. A HR van with no working gauges, no working handbrake, no door rubbers or trims and vice grips for window winders becomes Penelope Panelvan with some tender love and care. [More]

Bronzed Aussie: Real-deal LC GTR restoration


Damian 'Damo' Worthy doesn't have a long career in vehicle restorations, but with a youth spent fiddling with all things LC/LJ, he's now combining his passion with his skills. Even after only being in the automotive industry for 2 years, Damo understood that car enthusiasts care not only about the quality of his work, but also need to trust him with their pride and joy. Alan trusted Damo with his 1970-build LC Torana GTR and Damo proved him right giving the Torana GTR the love it deserved after sitting for four years. [More]

Resto with grunt: BK Race Engines XA GT

Bill unfortunately had to part ways with his 1972 XA GT. Heartbroken, he promised himself that he will have another one day. After lots of convincing, he bought his mate's GT decades later with a build date just two months apart from his old car. A simple tidy-up then quickly became an engine rebuild and Bill finally gets the 'pinned into the seat' feeling he was wanting with the help of an impressive 670hp. [More]

Christine Cini's genuine LJ Torana GTR XU-1

Christine Cini's intentions for a quick respray of her numbers-matching Torana XU-1 turned into a show-worthy nut-and-bolt resto Christine Cini may be a late-comer to the Aussie muscle car party, but she’s making up for it in style, having recently invested in a matching-numbers LJ Torana GTR XU-1. Initially she just wanted to give it a quick respray, but things soon ramped up significantly, culminating in a show-worthy nut-and-bolt resto. [More]

Living the dream: Angelo’s Torana A9X tribute


Angelo always wanted an A9X, and started with an SS just as Holden had done in 1977 While it started life as a spin-off of the Vauxhall Viva, by the time we bade farewell to the Torana in LX guise it had become a bigger and more sophisticated car. In February 1976 the fifth model to wear a Torana badge rolled off the production line. And while it may be considered by some as a facelifted LH model, in Torana history the LX was much more significant than that. [More]