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Fighting Tribute: CY GT-HO Phase III replica


Neil Wrigley has owned his fair share of GT Falcons, Phase I and IIIs, XR GTs and the like. After selling some cars to fund his panel beating business and starting a successful business; Neil got the hunger to have another gorgeous Australian muscle car again. Neil could buy a genuine GT-HO but he couldn't justify the $1 million price-tag on them. A car that can be driven and parked anywhere without worrying too much is what he wanted; so instead, he built a tribute. [More]

Pete Dout’s supercharged ’66 Shelby GT350 tribute


Melbourne's Pete's Garage is renowned by enthusiasts for being one of Australia's leading practitioners and custodians of the Mustang performance tradition and heritage. The owner of Pete's Garage, Pete Dout, loved Mustangs from the moment he saw a 1967 fastback when he was just 18 years old. Pete's red GT350 was an ex-Variety Bash car which meant it had the fundamentals to become a beautiful tribute, but it was covered in pockets of rust! Pete had one goal; to make it look as authentic as possible, and he did just that. [More]

Roxy Marshall's HR Holden panel van


Roxy Marshall has been in the automotive industry since just 15-years-old, so to say that she can clean up a car is an understatement! Roxy always loved Sandmans but because she couldn't afford one... she decided to get the next best thing - a HR van. A HR van with no working gauges, no working handbrake, no door rubbers or trims and vice grips for window winders becomes Penelope Panelvan with some tender love and care. [More]