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FORD CAPRI DUO: GT3000 V6 + RS3100

In the mid to late 1960s Mustang sales were going through the roof. Everyone wanted one and the US was swept up in pony car euphoria. Across the pond Ford Europe was pining for a sporty car to give it similar success and that was the thinking behind the Capri. Make it a Mustang for Europe and the UK. [More]

Holden EH wagon ex-show car reborn

FEASTING my eyes on Tim Kress’s striking ’64 EH Holden wagon at the Adelaide Auto Expo earlier this year, I was intrigued by the mix of styles on what looked to be a fairly fresh build. Bubble windows; sunroof; flares – oh my! As it turns out, this wagon has 80s show cred, having been formerly known and shown in Queensland under the name ‘Imperial’. [More]


Peter and his ‘proper’ JGS

This is the John Goss Special we reckon Ford Australia should have built. It honors the man and his achievements (Goss is the only one with his name on the winner’s trophy of the Australian GP and Bathurst 1000), more meaningfully than the original car bearing his name, launched August 1975.The John Goss Special was a limited edition Ford Falcon XB two-door hardtop produced to celebrate Goss’ Bathurst win in 1974. [More]

Robyn Bradbury's American 1960 Ford Falcon

For Robyn, it was the build process of her husband Terry’s immaculate XM Futura that slowly lured her into the car scene THROUGH choosing paint colours and assisting with the creation of husband Terry’s immaculate XM Futura bespoke ride (SM, Sep ’18), Robyn was hooked! [More]

Picnic at Hanging Rock 2022

image Plenty of tough streeters and restored metal turned out for the 2022 running of the gargantuan annual car show. Year after year, the Picnic at Hanging Rock show ’n’ shine is one of the biggest in Victoria. [More]