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Crunching Numbers With Classic Car Owners

If you had to take a guess at the percentage of Australia’s driving population that own and drive a car manufacturer between 1950 and 1979, what do you think that figure would be? It may surprise you (or not) that only 0.5% of Australian’s fit into this rare breed of car ownership. Ro... [More]

Shane Jacobson and Classic Cars

Shane Jacobson is a man of many talents. An actor, comedian, writer and director, his resume is long and varied. Shane is also an avid automotive enthusiast, with a slant toward classic machines. For many in Australia, Shane became a household name through the 2006 mockumentary movie ‘Kenny&... [More]

Time with a Legend: Howard Astill

Howard Astill has gone all the way from casually modifying his XC Ford Falcon panel van in the late 70’s, to achieving one of the highest honours in the street machine world, the Summernats Grand Champion, not once but on three occasions.  More recently Howard was honoured again, this tim... [More]