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Mount Panorama Bathurst

The regional city of New South Wales, Bathurst, is home to the widely renowned Mount Panorama Circuit - one of the most fearsome motor racing circuits in the world. The track, which is a public road for most of the year, holds the Bathurst 12 hour motor race each February and the Bathurst 1000 motor... [More]

The Vehicle Proving Ground

Have you driven a Ford or Holden that’s less than half a century old? If so, before that car made it to the showroom and then eventually to your good self, the first models of its type off the production line would have gone through testing, just to make sure everything was tickety-boo. But we... [More]

Special Colour Vehicles

What’s your favourite colour? How many times have you been asked that question? Learning about colours would probably rank as one of the first things we learn as children. And we use colour so much, we don’t even know we are. Whether we know it or not, colour is an important part of our ... [More]