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Changing Numbers Over Sixty Years


2020 has proven to be the year that, in a motorsport sense, has disrupted the accepted flow. Formula 1 has seen their schedule compressed, with a normal fortnightly race cycle (for the most part) changed to one every weekend.
In Australia the changing situation has seen our top tier category, Supercars, face equal uncertainty, both with race scheduling and locations due to “hotspots”. Many other high-level categories, such as the popular Porsche categories or the new TCR group, have had their year effectively sidelined with no start date in sight. [More]

Brock: Over The Top

image Brock: Over The Top opens with family shot footage of Brock and the famous “cut with mum’s axe” body-less Austin A7. With the car, if it can be called that, nothing more than a seat, the engine and radiator, and a chassis sans brakes, it’s potentially here that Brock’s immaculate driving skills were born and honed. [More]