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Car Prices Of The 1970's

History is a learning experience and a place where a time machine would be pretty handy. Think of Forrest Gump and his travel through time, meeting a President, investing in an “apple farm”. Imagine being able to go back and watch the first moon landing live, first run episodes of your favourite 1960s or 1970s show, or pick up a car for a bargain price. [More]

Celebrating 20 Years of AU Falcon

Once upon a time, there were car companies in Australia that made cars here. Chrysler/Mitsubishi, British Leyland, Lightburn, Toyota, Holden, and Ford, for example. The Sigma, the Zeta, the Torana, the Falcon. Amongst a distinguished list, Ford’s Falcon could very well be pointed at as being the longest lasting. [More]

Heritage Number Plates

It’s a habit we humans set out to do deliberately: collecting. Be it the stereotype of shoes and handbags through to model cars depicting Peter Brock’s journey from an axe-battered Austin to a VL HDT, we like to find and collect.

Then there are heritage number plates. [More]