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Rise of the Machines


When is a truck not a truck?

Before we answer that, let’s travel back in time and shake the hand of Lewis Brandt. Widely acknowledged in Australia as the father of the “coupe utility” or as it’s humbly known, the ute, Brandt gave us the design of engine/cabin/cargo tray. [More]

R-Spec Mustang Review

Image The source of the increases for push and twist for the Mustang R-Spec is a supercharger developed by Ford Performance in the U.S. There’s an air capacity of 2.65 litres, and pushed into the engine at 12psi. With little other than that, the standard V8 jumps to 522kW and 827Nm for the American Mustangs. The engine in the R-Spec is said to produce something around the same, if perhaps a bit more. [More]