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We had a blast at Summernats 29!

The streets came alive with party vibes and Exhibition Park pumped to the sound of horsepower as the Street Machine Summernats, proudly supported by Rare Spares, returned to Canberra.Thursday’s annual Summernats City Cruise welcomed the ‘Nats to Canberra with an expanded number of cars p... [More]

Rare Spares Shepparton Open For Business

Rare Spares is proud to welcome its newest store to the Rare Spares network, Rare Spares Shepparton. Owned and managed by the locally based Wisely family, Stephanie, Jason and Geoff will be the faces of the new Rare Spares Shepparton and provide a much welcomed boost for classic car owners in Shepp... [More]

ModRod LJ Torana

Watershed: noun wa·ter·shed \ a time when an important change happens. Chris Varney’s watershed moment happened when he finished reading the April edition of Street Machine Magazine…back in 1997! This put him on a journey that would eventually take him 18 years to complet... [More]