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Resto My Ride with EJ and an EJ

Rare Spares has kindly donated an EJ Holden for restoration to the EJ Whitten Foundation to raise awareness for the Men’s Health. Resto my Ride, a documentary currently being filmed at Bodymaster Prestige Paint and Panel is embarking on an Australian first by donating a fully restor... [More]

The Assembly Line

In May 2013, Ford Australia announced it would close its Australian plants by October 2016. A similar announcement from Holden was to follow, which put shock waves through the Australian automotive industry. With such massive change facing the industry, it’s timely to reflect on a cornerstone ... [More]

New 2015 Ford Mustang

When it comes to motoring legends, they don’t come much bigger than the Ford Mustang. Ask any car or movie buff for a short list of the greatest ever Hollywood car chases and invariably at the top will be Bullitt, the cult classic starring “The King of Cool” himself, Steve McQueen,... [More]

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Rare Spares have wonderful relationships with all the teams, events and series we sponsor. Our sponsorship of Brad Jones Racing or BJR as they are better known is a prime example. We get the privilege of seeing a highly professional race team in action behind the scenes. You may be surprised to lear... [More]

Behind The Wheel

Screaming down Conrod Straight at 300 kph in a 650 horsepower V8 Supercar is not the time you want to be reaching for the windscreen wipers, or anything for that matter. At those speeds, you want both hands firmly on the wheel, and this is the philosophy behind the modern day V8 Supercar steering wh... [More]