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Million Dollar Monaro

ImageWhen is a million dollars not a million dollars? Some would say “when it’s not in my bank”. And that’s a fair call. However, the answer is when expectations and reality collide.

The end of June 2020 saw such an occurrence, but one with a happy ending. A 1969 Holden HT Monaro GTS 350 was pegged to sell at an auction hosted by Lloyds and crack the magic million. However, the Holden Dealer Team entered a car with Spencer Martin and Kevin Bartlett as drivers in a race at Sandown in Victoria. [More]

2021 Batmobile

Superheroes. They’ve been part of humanity for millennia in the forms of gods such as Thor, Ra, and more. In the 20th century the focus changed to those born of the age of comic books. Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman captured the imagination, the hearts and minds of a society needing distraction from the Great Depression and wartime. [More]