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Top Five Influential Holdens


In a decade’s time the automotive brand formerly known as Holden or Holden’s, or General Motors-Holden, will be but a footnote in the history books. In the second half of the 2010s the once almost unassailable Red Lion would fall to the wayside as the market shifted towards vehicles that Holden, as a small manufacturer, simply wasn’t able to deal with, even with access to products from outside of the country. [More]

Ford Ranger 242kW


Television sometimes has the knack of embodying a word or phrase that society picks up on. In Ford’s case, a word made household famous by a Top Gear host is powerrrrrrrrrrr.
242 kiloWatts of powerrrrrrrr is what is packed into a twin-turboed 2.7L petrol V6 that finds a home under the bonnet of the F-150 in the United States. [More]