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Living the dream: Angelo’s Torana A9X tribute


Angelo always wanted an A9X, and started with an SS just as Holden had done in 1977 While it started life as a spin-off of the Vauxhall Viva, by the time we bade farewell to the Torana in LX guise it had become a bigger and more sophisticated car. In February 1976 the fifth model to wear a Torana badge rolled off the production line. And while it may be considered by some as a facelifted LH model, in Torana history the LX was much more significant than that. [More]

Ian Wood's spicy EH Holden panel van

Ian Wood's Mexican-themed EH Holden panel van is one spicy enchilada AS YOU can imagine, it was pretty hard to miss Ian Wood’s bright orange EH panel van in the unveiling hall at Meguiar’s MotorEx earlier this year. At first glance, that eye-popping colour might seem like the van’s main party piece, but it’s what lies beyond the shiny hue that makes it truly special. [More]