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Clipsal Round-up

Rare Spares were proud to present the first Touring Car Masters round this year with the season kick off in Adelaide at the Clipsal 500 over the first weekend of March. We also were delighted to send along Mark and Jane, Rare Spares customers who visited Rare Spares at Summernats, to the event for t... [More]

Top 5 Australian Auction Car Prices

The theory of supply and demand is Economics 101. A very basic principle that explains the less there is of something, the more people will be willing to pay for it. Think red diamonds, a bottle of 1787 Lafitte, The Mona Lisa. You get the idea. All these kinds of things are incredibly rare and there... [More]

Popular Aussie Exports

Think of the Australian car industry and the first, second or even third thing that comes to mind probably won’t be about exports. However, both Ford and Holden have a history of successfully exporting their vehicles overseas. The first Australian vehicle export to roll off the ship and onto ... [More]

The real star of Mad Max, the V8 Interceptor

It’s that time of year again when the red carpet film awards, with their glitz, glamour, exotic locations and even more exotic stars of the big screen, come to a small screen near you. One of these films, an iconic Australian movie about a bloke called Max, has not only been nominated for many... [More]