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Custom Wrecks Model Cars

Say the word “Airfix” and most people would associate it with a wizened old man, in a small, dimly lit room, hunched over a model of a sailing ship. In reality, that’s well away from the truth. Hobby modelling is made up of all ages (that’s why it thrives) and there are young girls alongside their Dads, wives alongside their husbands, and women alongside their wives, working on a plastic model kit, of a ship, a plane, or a car... [More]

SOLD – Brocks Last Bathurst Winning Commodore

imagePeter Brock holds the record for the most wins at Mt Panorama. Nine is the number and in 2004, he gave it a red hot go to up the number to double digits.
Or, rather, would have if it weren’t for the misfortune of his U.K. based co-driver Jason Plato. 27 laps into the 2004 race, Plato was at the wheel of the 05 HRT Commodore and after tapping a wall with the front right, was easing the stricken vehicle down Conrod Straight. [More]

Top Five Influential Fords


Here in Australia there have been a number of cars locally developed and made that have influenced our market. To get an idea of how Ford has influenced Australia, we spoke to Rare Spares ambassador and a lover of all good things automotive, John Bowe who says: [More]

Top Five Influential Holdens


In a decade’s time the automotive brand formerly known as Holden or Holden’s, or General Motors-Holden, will be but a footnote in the history books. In the second half of the 2010s the once almost unassailable Red Lion would fall to the wayside as the market shifted towards vehicles that Holden, as a small manufacturer, simply wasn’t able to deal with, even with access to products from outside of the country. [More]