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Monaro Club of Victoria Loyalty Redemptions/Rare Spares Bayswater VIP Night

Rare Spares has awarded the Monaro Club of Victoria with a raft of club rewards for their continued loyalty to Rare Spares.

Presented at the Bayswater VIP night on Wednesday 20th August to club President Daniel Flemming, the rewards included product vouchers, branded eskies, a tool kit and a marquee.

The Bayswater VIP Night was an exclusive event for the Monaro Club of Victoria and the Victorian Torana Club at Bayswater Rare Spares. The Victorian Torana Club is another club that has previously received a number of rewards for being part of the loyalty program.

The night was a great excuse for like minded enthusiasts to pull out their pride and joy from the shed and head out for a drive. Hot Pizza for dinner helped everyone warm up and those in attendance were able to receive special store discounts and the chance to win some of the lucky door prizes on offer.

The night was a fantastic success and Vice President Steve Kane from the Monaro Club of Victoria enjoyed the opportunity.

“It was great for the club to receive some benefits back from our loyal members and thanks to Rare Spares for presenting us the nice rewards” said Kane.

“It was a fun night and also well worth attending to see the huge product range Rare Spares have in store.”  

For your chance to earn rewards for your club click here.

Some of the rewards the Monaro Club of Victoria received.



Some fantastic cars were on display at Rare spares Bayswater.

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