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Vicky Williams’s resurrected XE Fairmont Ghia

There's no questioning Vicky Williams’s devotion to the mighty Blue Oval. Introduced to the world of cars by her late dad, she began her Ford-owning journey with an XT Falcon 500. A few more Coke-bottle Falcons ensued, including an XW she sold to cover her first home deposit. [More]

Gabriel Kairouz’s 307 Chev-powered HT GTS Monaro

"They don’t make ’em like they used to." Think back to 1969 and it was an important year for both Holden and the image-building Monaro range. The HT series represented a largely cosmetic update, aside from significant changes at the performance end of the range with the introduction of the 350-cube Chev V8. At the same time it continued making serious inroads into the world of competition. [More]