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Roxy Marshall's HR Holden panel van


Roxy Marshall has been in the automotive industry since just 15-years-old, so to say that she can clean up a car is an understatement! Roxy always loved Sandmans but because she couldn't afford one... she decided to get the next best thing - a HR van. A HR van with no working gauges, no working handbrake, no door rubbers or trims and vice grips for window winders becomes Penelope Panelvan with some tender love and care. [More]

Bronzed Aussie: Real-deal LC GTR restoration


Damian 'Damo' Worthy doesn't have a long career in vehicle restorations, but with a youth spent fiddling with all things LC/LJ, he's now combining his passion with his skills. Even after only being in the automotive industry for 2 years, Damo understood that car enthusiasts care not only about the quality of his work, but also need to trust him with their pride and joy. Alan trusted Damo with his 1970-build LC Torana GTR and Damo proved him right giving the Torana GTR the love it deserved after sitting for four years. [More]
Jamie Small's classic Kingswood Ute cruises Aussie streets in style thanks to some modern mumbo [More]

Holden EH wagon ex-show car reborn

FEASTING my eyes on Tim Kress’s striking ’64 EH Holden wagon at the Adelaide Auto Expo earlier this year, I was intrigued by the mix of styles on what looked to be a fairly fresh build. Bubble windows; sunroof; flares – oh my! As it turns out, this wagon has 80s show cred, having been formerly known and shown in Queensland under the name ‘Imperial’. [More]

SOLD – Brocks Last Bathurst Winning Commodore

imagePeter Brock holds the record for the most wins at Mt Panorama. Nine is the number and in 2004, he gave it a red hot go to up the number to double digits.
Or, rather, would have if it weren’t for the misfortune of his U.K. based co-driver Jason Plato. 27 laps into the 2004 race, Plato was at the wheel of the 05 HRT Commodore and after tapping a wall with the front right, was easing the stricken vehicle down Conrod Straight. [More]