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Brock Commodore sets auction record for Australian-made car

An immaculate and very original 1985 VK-series Holden Commodore HDT Group A – number 005 or 500 built – once owned and driven by late motor-racing legend Peter Brock, has broken a new auction record for an Australian-made car.

The rare example of an original HDT Group A sold for $1,134,000 in an online auction this week, topping the previous auction record for an Aussie-built car by $84,000.

The previous records for locally produced road cars were $1,050,000 for a VFII-series Holden Special Vehicles GTSR W1 Maloo in January of this year and $1,030,000 million for an XY-series Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III in June of 2018.



According to auctioneers Grays Online, the “Blue Meanie” – as the model was dubbed for its Mobil Blue paint job – was made for motor-racing homologation purposes and was “Brock’s personal car which he drove during the build and release [phase] of the now highly collectible VK Group A Commodores”.



It’s believed the car has been in the same family who purchased it from Peter Brock and has never been repainted or restored. With just 78,000km on the odometer it’s also the lowest milage VK HDT Group A known in the country.

Original documentation supports the online blurb at Grays Online with the seller including a letter penned by Peter Brock’s right-hand-man John Harvey. All the car’s original service documents and owner’s manuals were included in the sale.

This year marks 15 years since Peter Brock passed away at the Targa West rally in Western Australia.

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