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Greater Road Relevance for Third Generation V8 Supercars

V8 Supercars’ Gen3 formula is set to bring greater road relevance, closer racing, and lower costs to the grid from 2022.

Supercars outlined details of a revamp that will also see a Chevrolet Camaro take to the track alongside a modified Ford Mustang, the traditional red and blue rivalry seeing greater technical parity in the V8-powered, front-engined, rear-drive field.

Discussions to secure Intellectual Property agreements with additional manufacturers are also underway, V8 Supercars says.

“We are thrilled to welcome a brand-new race car design to the track in 2022,” said Supercars CEO, Sean Seamer.

“The cars will retain their signature V8 engine format to ensure they’re fast and loud, but will be ‘hybrid ready’, and more closely resemble the road cars they are based on.”

The new Gen3 control chassis is some 100kg lighter than the existing architecture, the revised rules requiring all race cars to share the same dimensions as the road cars on which they are based; a move Supercars says aims to broaden the range of cars that are eligible to compete.

Key body components of the Gen3 Supercars – including the bonnet, doors, roof, and windows – must be identical to the road-going model, the interchangeability between race and road cars marking a return to the category’s heritage.

To improve the quality of racing, Supercars says it has targeted an aerodynamic downforce reduction of more than 50 per cent from current levels (or approximately 200kg), the new bodies sitting 100mm lower than before on a new Dunlop control tyre.

“These are incredible looking race cars that give a nod to the Supercar of the past, with as much attention given to design and appearance of the cars as the new technologies,” continued Seamer.

“The Gen3 project will support the longevity of Supercars by increasing the relevance to our fans and partners, reducing operating costs, and making the racing even fiercer.”

Supercars says it wants less reliance on engineering and data and more focus on driver skill within the Gen3 series. It also aims to reduce acquisition costs by up to 40 per cent of current levels in a bid to draw new players to the category.

Carry-over components from the Gen2 series include the transaxle gearbox, dampers, and independent suspension, however details of the V8 engines to be used are yet to be confirmed.

Supercars says it would like to see an increase in engine life for the Gen3 series and reduced fuel consumption across the board. A generic, Supercars-branded engine is still under consideration, but so far, no details have been released.

The first Gen3 Supercar prototype is expected to commence track testing soon with category-wide racing to begin next season.

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