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Shane Jacobson and Classic Cars

Shane Jacobson is a man of many talents. An actor, comedian, writer and director, his resume is long and varied. Shane is also an avid automotive enthusiast, with a slant toward classic machines.

For many in Australia, Shane became a household name through the 2006 mockumentary movie ‘Kenny’ where he portrayed a Melbourne plumber who works for a portable toilet rental company.

Jacobson has also rubbed shoulders with those in Hollywood, playing a small role in the well known Hollywood movie ‘The Bourne Legacy’ as factory security manager.

Many automotive enthusiasts will however know Jacobson from his two seasons spent co-hosting the Australian version of Top Gear with Steve Pizzati and Ewen Page. The Australian team was never going to fill the large shoes and chemistry of the dynamic hosts in the UK version, but it was unfair to draw comparisons, as the Australian version was simply trying to use the successful model and do it in an ‘Aussie’ way.

The show was entertaining and the co-hosts did the best they had with a significantly lower budget than their UK counterparts. After two seasons, Top Gear Australia ended. Shane’s love of all things automotive continued and it was an affair that started early in his life.

One day while on his BMX as a kid, Shane saw a candy apple red EH Holden cruising into the car park. “It was love at first sight. I was mesmerised.” His classic car passion had started.  

In 2009 Shane filmed a movie with Paul Hogan named ‘Charlie & Boots’ which had acquired a couple of classic machines as part of the set. The cars in question were a HJ Kingswood and a HQ Holden Ute. After filming, Shane was sad at the thought these cars could fall in to unappreciated hands and just like that, decided to purchase them himself, which started his ‘collection’.

Despite his various car purchases over the years, Shane had never owned his one dream car, the EH Holden. Then one day a conversation with his plumber yielded information of a vehicle he might be interested in. One thing led to another and before he knew it, his dream had become a reality.

The car needed a little love so the rust has been removed and it was recently treated to a birthday with a respray. The EH is everything he had wished for in a car.

“These classic cars have character and that’s why we love them” said Jacobson.

Jacobson's collection includes his treasured EH Holden and even a Kombi.


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