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Top Tips For Your Restoration Project

Rare Spares have produced some great new DIY Shed Talk videos to help you with your classic car restoration project.

You can visit Shed Talk for new instructional videos on the fitment and installation of an FB-EK Holden Door Seal, an EH Holden Door and Boot Seal and much more! Click Here to check out Shed Talk.  

 We spoke to Director Lance Corby to get his top tips for anyone embarking on a restoration project!

#1. When considering a car build project you should try and get a good base to start with. A good body shell will not only make the project easier, it will reduce the time and money spent at the panel shop.

#2 Ensure you have the right environment before you start, open areas are not a good place to build a car.

#3 If you are not an experienced car builder, seek advice from other enthusiasts first. Many car clubs have chat sites with people keen to help.

#4 Plan the build carefully. Many people fail to plan their build which leads to either a non-completed project or substandard finish.

#5 When choosing a panel shop to do your body and paint work, make sure they have the capabilities required to do the job. Many panel beaters don’t have the skill set you may need.

#6 Ensure you or your panel beater test fits and gaps all panels prior to painting, it is a very expensive job to fix gaps once everything is painted.

#7 Rare Spares have produced a spread of how to do video’s which are very helpful when fitting product, these are all on their Web site under the banner of SHEDTALK.

#8 When looking to purchase product for the build, ensure you do your research. There are many sites out there selling cheap inferior products, Rare Spares are the only endorsed supplier of Holden and Ford products on the market.


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