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Australia’s Most Expensive Car

Last year the most expensive Holden ever sold, the Monaro HRT 427, went back on the market with an asking price of one million dollars.

Before this listing, the previous owner Shawn “Chooka” Ryan, who paid $920,000 for the car, was forced in 2010 to resell it.

The HRT 427 was one of two built in 2002 to showcase Holden and HSV's engineering prowess.

No expense was spared in the build of the HRT 427, which combines a handbuilt Tremec T56 six-speed manual gearbox mated to a heavy duty 9000Nm clutch, an AP Racing six-piston brake package and half roll cage.

This is still the most expensive car ever sold in Australia, topping the previous $750,000 price payed for a Ford Falcon 1971 GTHO Phase III.

Six years ago another Holden nearly claimed this title, with the owner of a 60-year-old Holden knocking back an offer of $900,000, listing it for sale at $1.2 million. The FX Holden from 1948, the year Holden opened its doors in Australia, was number 46 of only 112 cars sold that year and is believed to be one of only three still in existence.

To our knowledge the car didn’t sell for the asking price and the owner held onto it.


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