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Million Dollar Monaro

ImageWhen is a million dollars not a million dollars? Some would say “when it’s not in my bank”. And that’s a fair call. However, the answer is when expectations and reality collide.

The end of June 2020 saw such an occurrence, but one with a happy ending. A 1969 Holden HT Monaro GTS 350 was pegged to sell at an auction hosted by Lloyds and crack the magic million. However, the Holden Dealer Team entered a car with Spencer Martin and Kevin Bartlett as drivers in a race at Sandown in Victoria. [More]

2021 Batmobile

Superheroes. They’ve been part of humanity for millennia in the forms of gods such as Thor, Ra, and more. In the 20th century the focus changed to those born of the age of comic books. Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman captured the imagination, the hearts and minds of a society needing distraction from the Great Depression and wartime. [More]

Car Prices Of The 1970's

History is a learning experience and a place where a time machine would be pretty handy. Think of Forrest Gump and his travel through time, meeting a President, investing in an “apple farm”. Imagine being able to go back and watch the first moon landing live, first run episodes of your favourite 1960s or 1970s show, or pick up a car for a bargain price. [More]

Celebrating 20 Years of AU Falcon

Once upon a time, there were car companies in Australia that made cars here. Chrysler/Mitsubishi, British Leyland, Lightburn, Toyota, Holden, and Ford, for example. The Sigma, the Zeta, the Torana, the Falcon. Amongst a distinguished list, Ford’s Falcon could very well be pointed at as being the longest lasting. [More]

Heritage Number Plates

It’s a habit we humans set out to do deliberately: collecting. Be it the stereotype of shoes and handbags through to model cars depicting Peter Brock’s journey from an axe-battered Austin to a VL HDT, we like to find and collect.

Then there are heritage number plates. [More]

Rise of the Machines


When is a truck not a truck?

Before we answer that, let’s travel back in time and shake the hand of Lewis Brandt. Widely acknowledged in Australia as the father of the “coupe utility” or as it’s humbly known, the ute, Brandt gave us the design of engine/cabin/cargo tray. [More]

R-Spec Mustang Review

Image The source of the increases for push and twist for the Mustang R-Spec is a supercharger developed by Ford Performance in the U.S. There’s an air capacity of 2.65 litres, and pushed into the engine at 12psi. With little other than that, the standard V8 jumps to 522kW and 827Nm for the American Mustangs. The engine in the R-Spec is said to produce something around the same, if perhaps a bit more. [More]

Ford vs Ferrari Movie Review

Politics. When you read the word you would normally go to Liberal v Labor, Republicans v Democrats...for those that have and do work in the fields of motorsport and car sales, the word is just as applicable.
The 2019 film Ford vs Ferrari is about politics in those fields. Yet, the title is largely about the sub-plot of what happened between Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford the second. [More]

Longford Circuit - When Formula 1 was in Tassie

Longford is a historic town with settlers putting down stakes for land as early as 1807 and is located some twenty minutes drive southwest from Launceston. It’s a farmland settlement and home to the oldest continually operating horse racing site in Australia. And from 1953 to 1968 it played host to a number of motorsports events including two Australian Grands Prix. [More]