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Spectre Type 10 – A Mid-Engine Sports Car Dressed As A Classic Mini

Mini lovers across the globe have been going into meltdown as information and images of Spectre Vehicle Design’s Type 10 began circulating the internet. It’s a reimagination of the classic Mini by the Vancouver, Canada-based company, which sports a mid-mounted, Honda K20 four-cylinder that pushes 173rwkW (232rwhp) to the rear wheels. While that might not sound like earth shattering power numbers, when you take into consideration the Type 10 weights in at a scant 771kg (1700lbs) wet, you quickly realise it boasts a proper sports car-like power-to-weight ratio.

Spectre strip the donor Mini down to the absolute bare chassis – which ends up being the only original part of the car used. Everything else is completely new and stunningly gorgeous. Two of the most obvious exterior changes is the huge side scoops that feed air into the mid-mounted engine.

While the other is what Spectre are calling the Sky Panel – that is, a large, curved glass roof inlay. It really lets the outside world shine in.

Mechanical details of this high-calibre, restomod are a bit scant at this point in time, however the 2.0-litre VTEC will be controlled by a Haltech ECU and will feature a six-speed gearbox, limited-slip differential and mono-block, four-piston calipers. The seats are pure sculpture, while each corner is fitted with a custom made, 10-inch wheel that is Specter’s take on the classic Minilite. 

An inbuilt fan has been incorporated into the design of the wheel’s bolt-in centre – which helps draw hot air out from the brakes. There’s also modern trailing-arm suspension to ensure the Type 10 is as sure footed as it is spirited.

To make it easier to get the finished vehicle registered, Spectre prefers to procure a donor vehicle from the customer’s local region – that way they’re keeping the registry and history of the vehicle local. And they’re also helping to keep existing Minis on the road longer. Naturally, being individually built for each customer, the level of customisation and choice of finishes is pretty much limitless.

And the question you’re all asking – ‘how much is it?’ Figure on something like $AUS254,000 ($US180,000), depending on options and performance level. And if you want one, you’d better get in quick as Spectre are only scheduling to build 10 of the Launch Edition Type 10s at this stage. Beep, beep!

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