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Danny Green XB Coupe


At a bit after 10pm (AEST), on Tuesday (14/09/2021) the hammer finally fell on World Champion boxer, Danny Green’s tough, 514ci big-block XB GT hardtop. After 15 years of ownership, Danny decided to list his brutal Falcon with Grays Car Auctions. With a winning bid of $AUS275,000, plus the 7.5% buyer’s premium – that’s a cool $295,625 all up!

To be fair, this is no ordinary Falcon hardtop. Originally purchased in 2006, Danny had spent a small fortune giving the ’74 XB a full-rotisserie rebuild – which looks stunning. Wanting the car to reflect his personality, he had it outfitted with a muscle-bound 514ci big block! In new speak, that’s 8.4 thumping litres of brute V8 power.

“I wasn’t interested in turbos or anything like that,” says Danny. “I just wanted a tough-as-nails V8 which sounded like an angry T-Rex and that’s exactly what I got!”

The coupe features custom touches throughout, including a one-off bonnet scoop to clear the massive engine, moulded side scoops, custom rear taillights, billet boot mould and an aircraft-style fuel filler.

Inside, the leather-clad seats sport an embroidered ‘The Green Machine’ motif. There’s also a pair of fists moulded into the glove box lid, along with a cast metal shifter knob shaped like a boxing glove. The unique moulded fiberglass dash houses a full array of aftermarket gauges, along with the CD/tuner that heads up the thumping audio system.

The brakes and suspension have also been fully upgraded to handle the 514’s impressive grunt – this includes an RRS front strut conversion.

As Danny said, “It speaks and sounds for itself; it really is a one-of-a-kind machine, there’s nothing else like it in the world.”

Here’s hoping the new owner gets as much enjoyment out of it as Danny has had.


The Vitals

Engine: 514ci big-block Ford

Trans: TH400

Diff: Ford nine-inch

Cooling: Alloy radiator

Suspension: RRS Struts

Wheels: Center Line Convo Pro

Tyres: Pro-Trac

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