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Top 10 Automotive and Motorsport Podcasts

Technology can bring us many things. Some are fantastic, such as 4K television, digital radio, air-fryers...well, maybe not so much the last. Technology has also brought some old favourites, in a way, firmly into the digital age.

Way back when, cassettes were played for audio books, for example. And if we wanted to listen to our favourite songs when we wanted, there was a bit of faffing around to make the mix tape. Now, it’s a simple matter of using the internet and streaming services. This tech has crossed over into what is called a podcast.

When a certain tech brand released their tiny and very portable music playback devices that had pod in the name, they also created a vast library of music and information sources. And by being able to listen to a broadcast of a radio show at anytime, the shows quickly became known as podcasts.

The number of choices is virtually immeasurable and there are multiple outlets for podcasts too. Music, fiction, crime, and of course automotive/motorsport podcasts abound. We spoke to listeners of podcasts relating to two and four wheels to see what they liked.


Rusty’s Garage is presented by former Channel 10 motorsport reporter Greg Rust and he has stepped back a pace or two from his motorsport commentary. He’s gone into the world of podcasting and his show, Rusty’s Garage, featured heavily in the feedback we received.


“Thrusta” as he’s nicknamed, has an extensive list of contacts, built from a career of over thirty years in the automotive and motorsports arenas. His black book is full of profile names and you’ll hear him talking with luminaries such as American car design legend Chip Foose, Dakar rally legend Toby Price, and Perth’s speed ace Rosco McGlashan. is the outlet.


Car Expert is an offshoot of the successful Car Advice group.  There is a stronger focus on the automotive world, with reviews and discussions of cars in the Australian market and overseas. Hosted and presented by Anthony Crawford, Paul Maric, and rally ace Chris Atkinson, Car Expert’s podcasts are available on platforms such as Spotify.



For motorsport podcasts there are a couple; Aaron Noonan has made a name for himself in the Supercars field thanks to his encyclopaedic knowledge. This has lead to commentary, publishing, and podcasts under his handle of V8 Sleuth.


“Noons” bends the ears of the like of Scott McLaughlin and Grant Denyer, talks history with Rare Spares ambassador John Bowe, and chats about categories and Supercar restorations. “Noons” and the V8 Sleuth can be found via and Apple podcasts.

One of the benefits of modern tech access is that you can listen to shows from anywhere and at anytime. One name that cropped up was Chris Harris. He’s the smaller and somewhat manic presenter on the U.K. Top Gear show but has his own extensive automotive history. And like Rusty, he has a black book to envy.


Collecting Cars is the podcast and Chris has guests such as former f1 driver and current commentator Martin Brundle, Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell, and McLaren design legend Gordon Murray. Chris and company can be found at


As is the nature with such things, humour plays a large part in these types of podcasts. A couple of lads known for their humour are Dave Reynolds and Michael Caruso from Supercars. They team up with journo Andrew van Leeuwen for an easy listening and free-wheeling look at the sport itself and the various life events, cast in the bright light of giggledom at Below The Bonnet on Apple podcasts.



Another pair that go together like whisky and ice are Matt MacKelden and Steve Johnson. Yes, Johnson, as in son of Dick. These two larrikins have been best mates for a good couple of decades and it shows, or, rather, comes across in their funny as podcast, The Driver’s Seat.


 Along with japes and jibes at and about each other, Johnson and MacKelden cover off Aussie motorsport with their in-depth and expert knowledge. They’ll reel in guests such as Garry Rogers and “The Gis”, and sometimes talk to old man Johnson himself.  Broadcast on SEN 1116 the show is also available via Apple Podcasts.


For the fans of two wheeled machines, the feedback was Highside/Lowside on Apple podcasts and Spotify, to name two outlets. Hosted by three characters known as Lemmy, Spurgeon, and Joe, the trio get into their love of motorbikes with gusto. Guest in their shows include Chris Fillmore (a Pikes Peak racer), and Yves Assad, a renowned motorbike photographer. Topics include the sales figures of motorbikes and who cares, cruiser style ‘bikes, and e-bikes as a future for the category.



The Yamcast is another. YouTube is the video outlet for Yammie Noob and Spite, and they’ve turned their two wheeled passion to an entertaining and informative podcast available via Apple’s podcast or on Recorded in the United States, yammie and Spite talk modern and classic motorbikes with an obvious love for their craft.



One podcast aimed at the automotive industry and employment options is Cameron Cresswell’s The Automotive Talent Show. Cam is the brains behind the site and looks at opportunities for people looking to enter the automotive field in any way. Based in Queensland, Cameron has an easy and free-flowing style, with guests such as Ian Parker, a performance training coach in the auto field and Herb Anderson, a digital dealership specialist.



Our final podcast is one for lovers of the small cars. Motorfocus Diecast is about the model cars available in various scales and has V8 Sleuth’s Aaron Noonan as a co-presenter. Diecast model cars allow people to have a huge garage of cars, from classic to motorsport, from concept, to popular marques such as Porsche and Aston Martin. Makers such as Biante and Minichamps get a Guernsey in the show and it can be found here:


We’d love to know which podcast in the automotive or motorsports arenas, or both, you listen to and what really grabs your ears. Let us know via our feedback section.

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