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Ford Ranger 242kW

Television sometimes has the knack of embodying a word or phrase that society picks up on. In Ford’s case, a word made household famous by a Top Gear host is powerrrrrrrrrrr.

242 kiloWatts of powerrrrrrrr is what is packed into a twin-turboed 2.7L petrol V6 that finds a home under the bonnet of the F-150 in the United States.

It’s an engine rumoured, and only rumoured, to be a heartbeat for the updated Ford Ranger that is scheduled to be released for the Aussie market sometime in mid- to late- 2021. This will follow on from the recent (late August, 2020) release of a mildly facelifted and updated Ranger.

Ford Au would be keen to see it here but for now it’s a U.S. release engine. It’s one of six engines made available for the big  F-150, one of which is familiar in size and configuration to Mustang owners, being 5.0L and V8.

Built under Ford’s EcoBoost banner, the 2.7L engine as seen in the F-150 is an iron block with alloy heads. It’ll run on U.S. spec 87RON unleaded and is ignited, after being direct and port injected, by a coil on plug ignition system.

In U.S. trim, torque is 400lb-ft, or in Aussie lingo, 542Nm. In context, that’s just 14 torques shy of those found in the Aussie spec 5.0L Mustang. The transmission it spins is the company’s very well sorted ten speed auto, which is also found in Australian specification Ranger and Raptor.

The recent Ranger update sees a 2.2L diesel, a 2.0L biturbo diesel, and 3.2L straight five as powerplants. The single turbo diesel offers 118kW and 385Nm, the five cylinder 147kW and 470Nm, and that’s against 157kW and 500Nm from the biturbo 2.0L.

Given that the existing five cylinder is also rumoured to be possibly axed from the 2021 release Ranger, it makes it an attractive proposition to slot the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 into the Ranger and Raptor, should those rumours prove to be true.

There is another engine that the F-150 has and this looks a longer shot for Australia. 3.5L is the capacity, and hybrid is the suffix. Ford U.S. hasn’t (at the time of writing) released power and torque numbers, however one industry source hints at “450 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.” That’s 335kW and a very decent 677.9 Nm.

Would you like to see the EcoBoost 2.7L V6 in next year’s Ranger and Raptor? Let us know your thoughts via our feedback section.

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