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Q&A with Rare Spares Mildura's Angelo Halacas

Where did your interest in classic cars and resto projects originate?

From my father, I was brought up around cars, race cars & the like.

My father Jim was the original Rare Spares Distributor for Mildura & it has been great to continue on the relationship with the Halacas Family & RSP.


What is your favourite classic car and why?

Tough to pin point one but I’d have to say a street machined HK Monaro.


What classic car/s do you own?

I've done a ground-up resto on a VK Calais - picture below.

Currently working on my dad’s AC Cobra DRB Kit car running a very health 347 Boss motor producing around 550hp.


What would you change about cars today?

The individual styling of makes & models. Seems to have been lost.


What’s the most impressive project you have worked on or you’ve had a customer work on?

A customer built a EK Holden ute running an alloy tech v6.

Beautiful ute, did 90% of the work him self - pictured below (


Best advice for people beginning a restoration project?

Do your research on what’s available and the costing of parts you need for your resto.

Secondly don’t cheep out on parts/ the resto it will come back to bite you. Take that bit longer & do it right the first time saves a lot of heart ache.




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