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Q&A with Rare Spares Wodonga

 Where did your interest in classic cars and resto projects originate?

Car that I worked on in the late 70s and still to this day have been early Holdens and Chevys. Shoe horning small and big blocks into every thing from FJ,S, EH, HR, LJ Toranas, HK-T-G just to name a few but all up to and including engineering and rego. Also a heap of full restos for customers.

What is your favourite classic car and why?

Fav classic car for me is the HQ Coupe, the lines the shape of the rear quarters and the amount of different drive line options is limitless.

What classic car/s do you own?

At the moment I don't own a classic car, only street rods. I am sorta kicking myself a bit because I just sold the classic I had which of course was that HQ coupe so as to fund another project.

What would you change about cars today?

Todays cars lack  the individual styling of cars in the 60s and 70s. They don't have enough chrome or character that made the early Fords and Holdens and of course Chryslers the iconic cars that they are today.

What’s the most impressive project you have worked on or you’ve had a customer work on?

Out of all the cars over the years I have built I would have to say the car that I just finished for the wife would be up there, it's a 1934 Chevy pickup running a pretty healthy 402 big block with a toughed up turbo 400 and alloy tru trac 9 inch. The car was at the 50th Melbourne Hot Rod Show at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton and won top pickup hot rod section and was invited to Motorex in Sydney. The pickup and my 34 chevy outlaw coupe also featured in Australian Street Rodder magazine in July 2015 with a 7 page spread.


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