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NSW gets a Modified Classic Vehicle Scheme

Life for modified classic car enthusiasts in New South Wales just got a little sweeter recently. Up until now, if you drove a 30 plus year old modified car that was on a club registration, you were only permitted to drive to club events or for maintenance purposes, end of story. Well, thanks to some progressive politicians, that’s no longer the case.

Duncan Gay, the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight recently announced a two year trial beginning early next year that will allow a car lover’s pride and joy to be used for 60 days every year, as long as it satisfies some basic requirements.

"The current Historic Conditional Registration scheme remains unchanged as an option for enthusiasts but, this Government recognised that owners of conditionally registered vehicles had limited use," said Mr Gay.

"We've incorporated safe, sensible additions in consultation with the community and stakeholders so owners and the wider community can revel in these vehicles' unique beauty more often," he added.

As long as the car satisfies the requirements for either full registration or the Modified Classic Vehicle Scheme and their club is participating in the trial, car enthusiasts with a modified classic that is at least 30 years old will be able indulge in their passion far more than ever before. And the scheme also caters for our two wheeled friends as well because motorcycles are also able to take part in the two year trial.

So with the opportunity to get that classic or restored beauty out and about more than ever, there’s never been a better time to make sure they’ll be ready for all that extra cruising. And the best way to do that is head to Rare Spares for all your classic car’s needs. Find us at

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