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Nominate a Mate's Worthy Winner!

Back in July, Rare Spares hosted the Nominate a Mate promotion on Facebook. It was a competition where entrants could win a $1000 Rare Spares gift voucher for their mate’s restoration. As you would expect, we were inundated with entries, however there could only be one winner, and what a worthy winner he was.

Daniel Earle nominated his father and best mate Wayne in his touching entry. Wayne, not only battling a serious illness but also all of the other difficulties associated with having to take time off work for an extended period, had to sell his beloved Toranas.

As part of his rehabilitation, Wayne was able to buy “a rusty old HQ” so he could get out of the house and have something to work on. The $1000 Rare Spares gift voucher will hopefully come in very handy not only for Wayne’s HQ, but also for Daniel’s LJ GTR Torana.

In a heartfelt message on Facebook, Wayne let everyone know just how much it meant to him.

"Hi Guys, I have just received my package in the mail. I am unsure if you would like to put it on your page with my massive thanks to my son Daniel and you guys at Rare Spares. I am lost for words for what Dan has done and I am truly appreciative of this,” said Wayne.

From the team at Rare Spares, we hope your prize helps in an even speedier recovery Wayne and assists in finishing off the HQ restoration so you can get out and enjoy it.

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