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A Car Is Born

In an age of automation, computerisation, Instatwit and Snapbook, it’s difficult for some of us, and impossible for others to remember that there are real people behind the products we use. Even in our beloved auto industry, modern production methods have meant that humans are increasingly taking a back seat in the manufacture of the machines we love, only to be replaced by a team of cheap and reliable robots.

For those of you with a hankering for some nostalgia, look no further than “XA Falcon Assembly.” This charming mini movie from the early seventies takes place in New Zealand and shows the production of an icon of Australian motoring, the Ford XA Falcon. It obviously lacks the modern day Hollywood production values and cutting edge CGI, but that’s what makes it so charming.

Real people with real skills making things. From the unboxing of the parts, the welding of panels, the grinding, bolting, sanding, painting, polishing, gluing, hammering and drilling. All performed by hand by people that had a pride in what they did and cared about what they made. Sure, the haircuts and the fashion sense may have been a little dodgy. And the commentary and background music could have done with a few tweaks, but that’s missing the point.

The beauty of these iconic cars like the XA Falcon is that with the help of Rare Spares, a trip down memory lane in your very own hand made classic is possible. Whether you’re into Fords, Holdens, or the many other makes and models we cater for, Rare Spares have literally thousands of parts in stock to help you with bringing an old classic like the one in the movie, back to life. To find out how, head over to

And to check out the "XA Falcon Assembly,” head to the link:

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