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Sands of Time Revive Sandman

The Godfather: Part II was on at the Drive-In and Stevie Wright’s “Evie” was blaring out over AM radios across the land. The year was 1974, and just as movies and music were being re-defined, the motoring landscape of Australia was about to change forever with the introduction of a soon to become legend and icon: The Holden Sandman. Zoom forward to 2015, and the legend is back.

The 2015 Sandman Special Edition is derived from the award winning VF Commodore SV6 and the sporty SS-V, and is available as a ute and or sleek Sportwagon. Whilst the Sandman is much more advanced than its predecessor it still retains the instantly recognisable surf livery and the groovy, orange shagpile floor rug as an additional accessory.

The original classic was available as a panelvan and a ute between 1974 and 1979, and buyers had a choice of six-cylinder or V8 power.

Holden’s Executive Director of Sales, Peter Keley, said the opportunity to revive the legendary Sandman was too exciting to resist.

“The Holden Sandman has been synonymous with the great Australian surf safari for decades and perfectly reflects our country’s laid back, yet adventurous attitude to life. When the opportunity came to revive Sandman, we jumped at it,” Mr Keley said.

“The reborn Sandman is a statement and reflection of the Australian way of life. Most importantly, it’s about having fun.”

After a twenty plus year hiatus, Sandman was finally revived as a concept car at the Sydney International Motor Show, 2000. Based on VU Commodore, this Sandman was a Holden built, Mambo designed project that won wide acclaim.

The new 2015 Sandman was first unveiled to coincide with another Australian Icon, the Bells Beach Ripcurl Pro surf competition, on the 4th of April. Taking place at the at the beautiful Elephant Walk Reserve Torquay Esplanade, the Holden Sandman surf live site gave a new generation of car lovers the chance to see what all the fuss was about.

Holden’s Director of Communications, Sean Poppitt said “Holden knows Australia and Australians better than any other company and the Sandman is a perfect reflection of the Aussie culture and attitude. I’m sure it will spark great memories for a lot of Australians and help create new memories for others. Let the good times roll again.”

The Sandman will go on sale in June, however people are advised to contact dealers early to avoid disappointment.

While the new Sandman is destined to become a future classic, the original Sandman has become a true collector’s item. Back in the day, they cost between $3500 and $5000 brand new. Today, immaculately restored examples of the Sandman and ute can fetch more than $35,000. For those fortunate enough to have an original Sandman in need of some TLC, Rare Spares can offer some parts for these rare machines. For more information, go to


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