Restoration Renaissance – A tribute to Les McVeigh, his two retiring partners and a look at the past and future of Rare Spares

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When it comes to keeping Aussie classics alive, there is no business that does it quite like Rare Spares. With a deeply rooted passion for all things automotive, the company has gone leaps and bounds to cover a variety of makes and models like no other. Rare Spares provides automotive enthusiasts across the country with the necessary life lines to keep their pride and joy running like a dream and ... [More]

That 70’s Show – Revisiting popular passenger cars of the 70’s

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Back when Countdown was on TV and AC/DC rocked the airwaves, the Holden and Ford rivalry was spilling over from the 60’s and Japanese imports were becoming an increasingly popular choice. The 1970’s produced some of our most loved vehicles and here we will take a look at how the automotive landscape existed in this groovy era. Holden was the powerhouse against Ford and accounted for 1/... [More]

Holden Heritage Collection – Driving Down Memory Lane

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When it comes to cars, our passion generally extends beyond the vehicles themselves. Car parts, posters and memorabilia go hand in hand with automotive obsession, and when the Royal Australian Mint decided to produce a collection dedicated to one of Australia’s most loved brands, the team here at Rare Spares couldn’t have been more excited. The Holden Heritage Collection is a series of... [More]

Torana Triumph – The Holden of the Future

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The Holden Torana is one of Australia’s most loved cars and with many still on the road today, it’s easy to see that they are just as popular as ever. With both the LC and LJ cementing their place in our proud motoring history, there was one model that almost defined it, the Torana GTR-X. The GTR-X was a product of the ambitious 1970’s Holden motor company who was out to produce ... [More]

When the going gets tough – Looking back at the Holden One Tonner

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When it comes to workhorses, there is no vehicle more Australian than the iconic Ute. With a perfect mix of comfort and practicality, this timeless shape has been one of our countries favourites since the 1930’s. Although Ford claims bragging rights for being the first to introduce the ute to the Australian market, Holden has produced many notable examples, but none more distinct than the cl... [More]

Taking a look at Holden’s Winged Warrior – The ‘Walky’

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When it comes to iconic cars, Holden has produced plenty, but it wasn’t until they developed their first fuel injected V8 along with a partnership between HSV and Tom Walkinshaw Racing that the Walkinshaw VL Commodore SS  Group A SV was born. After the parting of ways of Holden and Peter Brock’s Holden Dealer Team, The Walkinshaw was scheduled for release in November 1987 but did ... [More]

Holdens and The Great Outdoors – Sleeping in Style

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When it comes to shear originality, not many brands took the great outdoors as seriously as Holden. Our manufactures knew a thing or two about making cars that suited the Australian lifestyle. Here we will take a look how the Holden Torana and Sandman Panel Van were adapted with unique and creative extras for the savvy camper. The LX Torana Hatchback captivated audiences in 1976 wit... [More]

Reliving the glory days – A look at Group N Touring Cars

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As motoring enthusiasts, most of us are fans of motorsport in one form or another, from the golden days at Mount Panorama to the modern high tech powerhouses we see in the V8 Supercars, we really can’t get enough motorsport action. Fortunately for those of us who are fans of classic metal we have the thrilling Touring Car Masters series on offer as well as many grass roots events. However th... [More]

Prevention and Preservation - Safeguarding Your Classic

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There is just something about old cars that makes them special, the sound, the simplicity, the nostalgia, but there are a couple things we don’t like to discuss. Their temperamental nature and expensive running costs are all second to biggest destroyer of classic metal, rust. It’s a harsh reality when it comes to owning a classic car but back in the day, automotive manufactures were fo... [More]

Off the beaten path – A look at some of Australia’s best driving roads

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We are all privileged to call Australia home, with world class scenery right at our door step and summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to get our pride and joy ready for some amazing road trips. Here is a list of some of Australia’s best driving roads and what makes them so special. Great Ocean Road – Victoria   Covering 243km of some of the country’s most ... [More]