Converting Classics

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The Holden Monaro and the Ford Falcon have represented Australia’s finest domestically produced automotive muscle and for many decades they have been enduring icons of Australian lifestyle and manufacturing ability. However with such a strong connection to American car culture through the media and in particular movies, it was inevitable that U.S classic cars became the target for people loo... [More]

The Holden V8 Engine Rainbow

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After covering the history and evolution of the humble 6 cylinder, it's time to look at the type of engine that established Holden as a performance heavyweight, and that’s their V8. These engines didn’t miss out on the brands trademark colour coding treatment and here we will dive into the variations and lineage of one of Australia’s most iconic engines. The first of Holden&... [More]


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I know what you are thinking, what’s so special about the wheel right? The answer in short is…a lot! From the earliest wooden creations to the carbon and titanium built wonders we see today, the wheel has undergone numerous makeovers and has been responsible for driving modern civilization forward (no pun intended). Here we will look at a brief history of the humble wheel, and where i... [More]

HDT’s Forgotten Heros

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Australia has had a lot to offer the world over the years: Vegemite, Fosters, Paul Hogan and perhaps the most iconic of them all, the Holden Commodore. Holden’s hero has seen many revisions since its creation in 1978 as advancements in technology, emissions and safety standards continually drove innovation and improvement. Of course we love the comfort and build quality of the modern, well r... [More]

Round Australia Trials

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Back in 1953 a remarkable race took place in the remote and unforgiving Aussie outback. It featured some of the world’s first mass produced vehicles taking on searing heat, river crossings, dry deserts and back country bush tracks. The original 1953 REDeX Round Australia Trial was the second longest trial event ever staged in the world at the time. It was immensely popular with more than two... [More]

Historic Cars Shine During 25th Targa Tasmania

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Tasmania is known for its vast and striking landscape and has a population of only a little over half a million people. But once a year this peaceful and serene state is given a loud and roaring voice. The Targa Tasmania is known internationally for having some of the greatest tight and technical roads in the world, all set within the luscious Tasmanian countryside. A wide variety of vehicles popu... [More]


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Coming up with a ‘Top 5’ list of anything is always going to be subjective. One man’s meat is another man’s poison as the saying goes. A list of the top the ‘Top 5 Car Chase Movies’ is guaranteed to be polarising. While there are dozens of movies that contain car chase scenes, there are certain movies out there that have almost created their own sub-genre. These... [More]

Tyre symbols and their meaning

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Tyres are the unsung heroes of car safety. While they may not be the most exciting part of your car, they are vitally important for keeping your car on the road. As you dutifully and regularly check your tyres for ware and pressure, you may have noticed a bunch of numbers and letters on the sidewall. Ever wonder what they all mean? Well, today we’ll find out, and the best way to do this is t... [More]

Q&A with Rare Spares Mildura's Angelo Halacas

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Where did your interest in classic cars and resto projects originate? From my father, I was brought up around cars, race cars & the like. My father Jim was the original Rare Spares Distributor for Mildura & it has been great to continue on the relationship with the Halacas Family & RSP.   What is your favourite classic car and why? Tough to pin point one but I’d ha... [More]

Motoring Myths- The Brock Polarizer

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The year was 1987. Motorsport legend Peter Brock had been closely linked with Holden since 1969. Little did anyone know back then that this amazingly successful collaboration was about to come to an abrupt halt. Peter Brock and John Harvey formed HDT Special Vehicles in 1980. Cars would come straight off the Holden assembly line and be delivered to the HDT SV work shop in Port Melbourne. Brocky an... [More]