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Prevention and Preservation - Safeguarding Your Classic

There is just something about old cars that makes them special, the sound, the simplicity, the nostalgia, but there are a couple things we don’t like to discuss. Their temperamental nature and expensive running costs are all second to biggest destroyer of classic metal, rust.

It’s a harsh reality when it comes to owning a classic car but back in the day, automotive manufactures were focused on design and never really stopped to think how their cars will fare 30 years down the track. Most left the factory with minimal safeguards against the elements but over time, paints and finishes have improved to become more resilient to our climate, so the condition of these classic cars today was largely left in the hands of previous owners.

Appropriately nicknamed “Cancer” due to its ability to spread rapidly throughout a vehicle, the sight of rust can be disheartening at first. Generally speaking you could be up for big bucks if you are lacking metal fabrication skills or aren’t on good terms with a fabricator. The process usually involves stripping the car back to bare metal and hitting it with a sand blaster, a time consuming and frighteningly expensive process.

Lucky for us Rare Spares takes pride in offering replacement sections from panels to fenders and even rails and sub frames, without these god send parts, you would probably have to take out a bank loan to get things up to scratch.

So once you have sorted out the rust (or made a smart purchase) it is time to make sure it doesn’t come back. Some choose not to but we think it is a good idea to prevent the rust from gaining a foothold again. Everyone has their own personal method of prevention which generally includes Fish Oil, Cavity Wax or Lanox, all we can advise is to make sure you treat the right places. We suggesting hitting the door sills, inner guards, wheel wells, cavities, anywhere water can collect, it can rust. 

Nowadays cars are coated from factory to prevent rust, but modern cars still miss the classic feel and charm of a vintage masterpiece. If you have carried out a big repair job or have your own rust prevention secret, head over the comments section of the Rare Spares page let us know!


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