Jason Bright Meets Rare Spares

17. June 2014 11:02 by Rare Spares in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (0)

Rare Spares recently invited new partner Team BOC and Jason Bright to visit the Rare Spares head office, meet the team and have a guided tour of the main warehouse.

2014 has seen the return of Rare Spares as a sponsor of Brad Jones Racing, joining forces with Team BOC and Jason Bright with the Rare Spares logo now adorning the front guard of Bright's V8 Supercar and race suit as well as being featured with other Team BOC promotional material.

Jason Bright toured the facility with General Manager David Rayner. Rayner discussed the head office facility and explained to Bright that Rare Spares had 5 facilities all within a 1km radius of each other, which is a distinct advantage for efficiency within the business. Rayner then showed Bright some of the thousands of products that Rare Spares stocks as they walked through the main warehouse facility.

Asked what Jason thought of the tour and the Rare Spares warehouse, he said "Impressive! I see you look after the boys who love looking after their cars"

To see the video of the tour, just press play below!