Cop Car Evolution

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Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you look in the rear view mirror to see those dreaded blue and red flashing lights? Whether it’s genuine shock and surprise accompanied by “I’m sorry officer but I have no idea why you have pulled me over,” or that we know we’ve done something wrong and thought we got away with it, those cars belonging to the boys in blue can strike fear into all of us.

But it wasn’t always like this. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, horses and bikes were the only way for police to chase down law breakers. Then in 1915, the first patrol car was introduced and motorcycles the year after. Things got serious in 1925 when the NSW Police Commissioner returned from a field trip of the USA and Europe to drastically increase both cars and motorcycles in the Police Force. What he saw on his travels also led to Australia’s version of a Highway Patrol.

Zoom forward and up until 1978, Police Cars weren’t that different from what you or I could buy from a dealer. Any mods that were required were an individual aftermarket arrangement. And the makes and models through the years were numerous and varied to say the least. From the Chrysler Royal V8s, Ford Zephyrs and FJ Holdens from the 1950s, the Ford Anglias and Morris Mini 1100s from the 1960s, to the Chrysler Valiants and Ford Interceptors of the 1970s.

Then in 1978, Ford approached the NSW Police and offered to build a ‘Police Special’. In consultation with all the other Australian police forces, a long list of mods was agreed to and production began on the first purpose built Ford Falcon Police Car. GMH also entered the fray in 1981 with the Holden Commodore.

The list of modifications for these purpose built vehicles was long but included such things as: upgraded suspension; a revamped electrical system so as not to cause interference to police radios; increased alternator output and a heavy duty battery with couplings to connect to and cope with police specialty items; a specially calibrated speedo to detect speeding offences; a long range fuel tank to allow driving distances of 450 kilometres and an additional automatic transmission oil cooler, just to name a few.

Zoom forward once more and the current crop of modern day police cars look more like spaceships compared to days gone by. A shining example of this is what is recognised as Australia’s most advanced and powerful police car. With an earth shattering 800 horsepower or 600 kilowatts, the Ford Falcon GT-F that belongs to the NSW Police Force has 200 more horsepower than a V8 Supercar! Sure, this Dick Johnson tuned monster is a one off, but with that kind of horsepower on tap in addition to the fact it can tell if you’re speeding or unregistered even from a kilometre away, the chances of getting that sinking feeling, in NSW at least, have never been higher.

The FE-HR Owners Club ACT INC. Cooler With Eskies

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The FE-HR Owners Club ACT INC. have once again redeemed their Rare Spares Loyalty Club points and been rewarded with two Eskies, sure to come in handy in the summer months and for future club activities.


The FE-HR Holden Owners Club ACT was originally created to cater for Holden enthusiasts that prefer the 1956-67 models. Membership is now open to anyone that has an interest in Holden’s. The club hosts monthly club member activities and participates in local and interstate runs and displays with many of the Holden Car Clubs of Australia. Pist ‘n’ Broke is the name of the club’s regular magazine offered to members and over 250 issues have been produced since the club formed in 1987.


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Australia’s Most Expensive Car

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Last year the most expensive Holden ever sold, the Monaro HRT 427, went back on the market with an asking price of one million dollars.

Before this listing, the previous owner Shawn “Chooka” Ryan, who paid $920,000 for the car, was forced in 2010 to resell it.

The HRT 427 was one of two built in 2002 to showcase Holden and HSV's engineering prowess.

No expense was spared in the build of the HRT 427, which combines a handbuilt Tremec T56 six-speed manual gearbox mated to a heavy duty 9000Nm clutch, an AP Racing six-piston brake package and half roll cage.

This is still the most expensive car ever sold in Australia, topping the previous $750,000 price payed for a Ford Falcon 1971 GTHO Phase III.

Six years ago another Holden nearly claimed this title, with the owner of a 60-year-old Holden knocking back an offer of $900,000, listing it for sale at $1.2 million. The FX Holden from 1948, the year Holden opened its doors in Australia, was number 46 of only 112 cars sold that year and is believed to be one of only three still in existence.

To our knowledge the car didn’t sell for the asking price and the owner held onto it.


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FE-HR Holden Owners Club ACT Receive New Flags

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In 1987 the FE-HR Owners Club of ACT was started in order to cater for Holden enthusiasts with a shared passion for 56-67’ models, introduced after the FX-FJ’s and before the first Holden factory V8’s.

Over the years the club has opened its doors to include members who have an interest in any Holden model, whether their vehicles are restored show cars, modified street machines or modern vehicles.

The club has been involved in a number of fantastic events: they have hosted several ACT Holden Day events, the 10th FE-FC Holden Nationals in Jindabyne NSW during Easter 2005, the 9th ACT Holden Day in 2007, as well as the 8th HD-HR Holden Nationals in 2009. The club also runs monthly activities for their club members and participates in local and interstate runs and displays with many of the Holden Car Clubs of Australia.

Most recently, on the 16th February, the club has participated in a drive to Malua Bay, NSW. They have also recently held ‘Scotty’s Run to the Cotter’ – an annual event held to commemorate one of their own club members, Scott Dunkley. An exciting upcoming event for the club is ‘Shannons Wheels Day’ on the 16th March, in which the club will have their own car display.

The FE-HR Owners Club ACT INC. was recently awarded four feather flags for their continued loyalty to Rare Spares.  Standing at 4.6 metres tall, these flags will ensure that the club will not be missed at future events they are part of. 

“The flags look great,” said Graham Pryce, Club Manager.

 The club was able to redeem this fantastic reward with the points they had accumulated through the Rare Spares Loyalty Club. The Rare Spares Loyalty Club rewards loyal customers! Registered car clubs receive exclusive discounts and points which can be redeemed for great rewards like marquees and flags and other promotional items.  

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Kiwanis All Ford Day 2014

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The Annual Kiwanis All Ford Day was held on Sunday 16th February in Geelong bringing together lots of blue oval enthusiasts for a display of over 1,000 Ford show cars, car club displays, trophies and prizes, live music, kid’s rides, food vans and more.

The slightly overcast weather didn’t deter all the Ford fans and families who came down for a day of entertainment.

The annual festival is one of the biggest Ford events of the year, with appearances from Ford motoring legends Alan Moffat and John Bowe, bands and celebrities gracing the stages, autograph signing sessions and a Ford production development vehicle display. Rare Spares were there in full force, with a trade stand and voucher give-aways.

More photos can be found on the event’s Facebook page