Rare Spares Distributor of the Year

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The Rare Spares Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 29th August 2015 and is the yearly opportunity for the Rare Spares family of Distributors to come together from around Australia and New Zealand, celebrate, network and award their Distributor of the Year.

Rare Spares has recognised the efforts of their network since 1981 with the Distributor of the Year (DOTY) award which recognises dedication, support, improvement and the desire to strive for excellence.

For 2015, the award was presented to Rare Spares Christchurch and received by store manager and owner Ian King.

“It’s a great feeling to be awarded Rare Spares Distributor of the Year and I and the team are very happy. We are very fortunate to have been awarded DOTY five times over our 28 year existence, but receiving it once again is much appreciated and still a surprise,” said Ian.

Rare Spares Christchurch has been flying the Rare Spares flag for 28 years in New Zealand, as the country’s only Rare Spares Distributor. The team of eight provide a comprehensive range of Rare Spares parts as well as the relatively unique offering of a full mechanical workshop that specialises in classic vehicles.  

“There is always room for improvement, but being passionate and having a team passionate about cars means we have the experience and expertise to provide great service and really understand customer’s needs,” said Ian.

“Ian and the team at Rare Spares Christchurch are always operating at a high level and this year we are proud to honour them again for their commitment to both Rare Spares and their customers,” said Rare Spares Director Lance Corby, who presented the award.

“Rare Spares Christchurch is regularly a contender for the award and this year showed why, thanks to their dedication, customer service and continual improvement,” said Melissa McVeigh, Marketing Manager/Director of Rare Spares.

Rare Spares are proud of their Distributor network and want to congratulate Rare Spares Christchurch and also runner up DOTY Rare Spares Welshpool for their outstanding performances over the past year. 

To find out more about Rare Spares and for a full list of Distributors, stockists and resellers across Australia, visit www.rarespares.net.au

Rare Spares Launch New Television Commercials

Rare Spares have launched two new television commercials which will be aired on 7Mate throughout the remainder of the year, so keep an eye out!

The commercials are designed to relate to car enthusiasts and feature old, rusty vehicles being restored back to new from tail to bonnet, with a voice over communicating Rare Spares key messages around their new slogan ‘more than just a part in your project’.

Officially endorsed by Holden and Ford, Rare Spares have two partner programs, ‘Holden Restoration Parts’ and ‘Ford Restoration Parts’. These logos feature prominently in the advertisements, which use a classic Holden and Ford as restoration projects.

The first features an old Holden Monaro being restored to new – Click below To View


The second features an old XA Ford Coupe being restored to its former glory – Click below to View 



RARE SPARES….. More than just a part in you project.

Rare Spares Distributor of the Year

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On Saturday the 17th August, Rare Spares held their Annual General Meeting attended by Rare Spares Distributors from across Australia and New Zealand.

Every year for close to 30 years, Rare Spares have recognised the efforts of their distributor network by presenting a deserving distributor with the Distributor of the Year (DOTY) Award. The award recognises a Rare Spares distributor’s dedication, support, improvement and desire to strive for excellence.

The winner of the Rare Spares DOTY award is honoured with a framed plaque at the Annual General Meeting, and their store is featured in a national full page advertisement in Street Machine Magazine.

This year, for the first time ever, two distributors were honoured with the award, as both deserved equal recognition for their efforts.

Rare Spares Perth won this prestigious award for the second consecutive year; a testament to their hard work and commitment. The second award was presented to Rare Spares, Wodonga, who were overjoyed to be recognised for their contribution to the brand.

“It was a great feeling to win Distributor of the Year. This is the first year that we have won, and it’s great to have our hard work pay off. I think it is a great motivator for staff as well, to know that we can really excel in a number of areas,” said Glenn Coughlan, Rare Spares Wodonga.

Brent O’Dempsey who accepted the award on behalf of Rare Spares Perth, said “We’re very proud to have won the Distributor of the Year award for the second year in a row, and thank our staff for all their hard work and contributions.”

“We are happy to support Rare Spares and be part of an organisation that puts a lot of time and effort into their distributors. Winning this prestigious award for the second year in a row is an honour, and we hope to continue this winning streak with our performance over the next year.”

Rare Spares are grateful for their strong distributor network across Australia and New Zealand and congratulate Rare Spares Perth and Rare Spares Wodonga for their equally outstanding performance over the past year.