Rare Spares Shepparton Open For Business

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Rare Spares is proud to welcome its newest store to the Rare Spares network, Rare Spares Shepparton. Owned and managed by the locally based Wisely family, Stephanie, Jason and Geoff will be the faces of the new Rare Spares Shepparton and provide a much welcomed boost for classic car owners in Shepparton and surrounding regions. The Wisely family felt the opportunity to become a Rare Spares official distributor would be a perfect fit with their existing mechanical workshop, Wisely Automotive Services. Father and Son, Geoff and Jason have 50 years of combined experience working on vehicles of all makes and models, and their love affair with classic cars runs deep. “Geoff and Jason have just finished restoring two EH Holdens and also have some other classics out in the shed that are lined up for restoration, so their understanding of the classic parts world is strong,” said Stephanie Wisely. With an active car scene in Shepparton and surrounds, Stephanie was excited to learn word had already spread about the new store opening, a promising sign for the future. The new Rare Spares Shepparton distributorship features an impressive showroom displaying a range of Rare Spares parts at the front of the store and out the back the Wisely's workshop offers mechanical and car restoration services. “The beauty of having the Rare Spares store as well as a mechanical workshop is that we can be a ‘one stop’ shop for customers who are seeking to restore cars as well as install new parts, so it can be a double benefit. “As a Rare Spares Distributor, we will offer a wide range of parts to classic vehicle customers and if we don’t have a specific part, we will quickly and easily be able to order it in,” said Stephanie. To see the team at Rare Spares Shepparton, opening hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm and Saturdays, 8:30am – 12:00pm. The store is located at 2 New Dookie Road, Shepparton, Vic, 3630 and can be phoned on (03) 5821 3598. To find out more about Rare Spares and for a full list of distributors, stockists and resellers across Australia, visit www.rarespares.net.au  

Rare Spares Mitchell Becomes Rare Spares Distributor

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Rare Spares is proud to announce Rare Spares Mitchell is now an official distributor of Rare Spares. Rare Spares Mitchell has stocked Rare Spares products for 25 years, servicing Canberra and surrounding regions.   Owner/Manager of Rare Spares Mitchell, Laurence Erwin opened the Store in 1990 and together with his wife Rose have a huge combined experience in classic cars and parts.   “Customers come from as far away as the coast, and southern NSW for parts. We regularly send parts worldwide including the U.S, Europe and South Africa.  We are currently helping out a customer in the US restore a genuine VK Group A Blue Meanie.” said Laurence.   As a distributor for Rare Spares, Rare Spares Mitchell will now be able to provide customers an expanded range of Rare Spares products, available directly off the shelf, providing customers an improved shopping experience.   “It’s great to now step up and become a distributor for Rare Spares after being a stockist for so many years. The improved range of stock will be fantastic for existing and new customers who can purchase in store or online through http://www.rarespares.net.au/mitchell/   Importantly, after 25 years in the automotive industry Laurence has a strong knowledge of the restoration parts available from Rare Spares to enable restoration of our Aussie Classics. Laurence even owns a classic himself.   “I own a HZ wagon and when I have time, I like to tinker with it”   To see the team at Rare Spares Mitchell, opening hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm and Saturdays, 8:30am – 1:00pm. The store is located at 17 Kemble Court, Mitchell, ACT, 2911 and can be phoned on (02) 6241 1516.   To find out more about Rare Spares and for a full list of Distributors, stockists and resellers across Australia, visit www.rarespares.net.au 

Rare Spares Awards Distributor of the Year

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On Saturday 23rd August 2014, Rare Spares held its Annual General Meeting(AGM), which is attended by Rare Spares Distributors from both Australia and New Zealand. As part of the AGM, Rare Spares recognises the efforts of their network with the awarding of the Distributor of the Year (DOTY). This is presented to a deserving Rare Spares Distributor and recognises dedication, support, improvement and the desire to strive for excellence. The winner of the 13/14 DOTY was awarded to Rare Spares Brisbane South and the award was presented to Store Owner Bruce Waldie. The store was honoured with a framed plaque and as a reward the Brisbane South store will be featured in a national full page advertisement in Street Machine magazine. “We are very proud to receive the Rare Spares Distributor of the Year. It’s absolutely fantastic and recognises the hard work we have put in” said Waldie. “We have been close before, winning the runner up prize on a previous occasion but it’s great to finally get the award this year.” “It was a close call this year to determine the winner, but Rare Spares Brisbane South ticked all the boxes and exemplified dedication and improvement and they are always striving for excellence” said Melissa McVeigh, Marketing Manager/Director of Rare Spares. Rare Spares Gold Coast received the runner up award at the AGM however store Co-Director Reg Vine was unfortunately unable to attend the event, with the award being accepted by Bruce Waldie on behalf of Reg Vine. “We were blown away with receiving the runner up prize and we certainly weren’t expecting it” said Vine. Rare Spares actively works with Distributors to ensure they have the support they need to run a successful business. “Rare Spares feels more like a family than a company and I like to think we all look after each other. They are very supportive and are always just a phone call away” said Vine. Rare Spares are proud of their Distributor network and want to congratulate Rare Spares Brisbane South and Rare Spares Gold Coast for their outstanding performances over the past year.